Handley Regional Library
Winchester, Virginia
Circa 1912

Exterior & Interior Preservation
 33,000 sf  
Cost: $3,400,000
Change Orders: 0% 
Construction Schedule: 18 Months
Completion Date: May 2001 

Historical Significance:
This 33,000 square foot project involved a full historic restoration of a landmarked Beaux Arts Library in Winchester, Virginia. Constructed in 1912, the library's plan resembles a book with a rotunda signifying the spine and the two wings as the open pages. New technology was inserted into this facility without disrupting the grace and tender details of the one hundred year old structure. Many portions of the decaying interior and exterior were gutted and replaced with new trim and designs to look "as though they have always been there." 


Hendrickson\Atchley Farmstead
Ewing Township, New Jersey
State Historic Register

Exterior Preservation & Structural Repairs
 3,000 sf  
Cost: $487,000
Change Orders: 0% 
Construction Schedule: 10 Months
Completion Date: May 2013 

Historical Significance:
The Hendrickson/Atchley Farmstead is an excellent example of a mid-18th-century farmhouse that developed through the construction of additions and other modifications. The earliest section of the house dates to c. 1760-1770, making it one of the oldest farmsteads in the area, until 1849 there was little in the way of other development in the vicinity. The most significant periods of architectural development include c. 1760 with the construction of the central core, the 1850s with the east block and c. 1900-1910 with the west block. The property is listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and is eligible for National Register.


Gospel Fellowship Church 
Plainsboro, New Jersey

Adaptive Re-Use
 15,000 sf
Cost: $1,900,000
Change Orders: Less than 2%
Construction Schedule: 14 Months
Completion Date: June 1995 

Project Highlights:
A worship style which sometimes leads to dancing in the aisles required specially stiffened floors in this converted historic barn. An attached stables serves as a flexible space for library, meeting room, classrooms, counseling area and pastor's study. The entire complex of barn structures were completely rehabilitated inside and out. The lower-level kitchen becomes the "Cafe Au Lord" on Friday evenings and the library with office loft often serves as a meeting room, craft fair store and counseling area.