Dennis Kowal Architects is a full-service architectural firm with a diversified multi-state practice that has been devoted to the delivery of quality architectural services for the benefit of public since its founding in 1986.

The Past:  Joining people with past technology
 Restoring the building technology of the past through historic preservation, our firm specializes in respectful adaptation of our past to meet current needs.  Post and beam barns have become worship centers, a fashionable New York retail facility has become a library and an old hotel once visited by presidents and poets has been saved from demolition and partially restored.  Non-historic facilities have found new life as well.  Adapting the technology of the past to buildings of the future is a skill which Dennis Kowal Architects is proud to list.

The Present:  Joining people with present technology
 Integrating people and technology in the marketplace requires understanding, flexibility and careful planning.  Mastery of those traits allows our firm to produce warm and inviting environments.  Our sports medicine facility, a physical therapy center filled with exercise and medical equipment, modulates the impact of the devices through the use of soft lighting, soothing colors and open planning.  Other environments solve the problems of computer proliferation, technology expansion and radical changes in document storage and retrieval.

The Future:  Joining people with future technology
Learning centers, research and development, schools and the arts are moving rapidly in the design and use of technology.  Dennis Kowal Architects keeps abreast of these changes designing buildings which evolve.  Our planetarium and space museum, rare book reading ream and high technology training center have a common premise:  They are buildings designed to change with innovation.  Modular construction, system reserve and expandable structures are some of the methods used to adapt to changes.  The nation’s first fully automated materials handling system in a public library was developed by our firm to grow with the facility over time.  Other facilities at The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts integrate the world’s finest equipment, technology and materials.