Virginia Rehabilitation Center 
for the Blind and Vision Impaired
Richmond, Virginia

Addition & Renovations
 23,800 sf
Cost: $3,200,000
Construction Schedule: 12 Months
Completion Date: January 2012

Project Highlights:
The Administration/Activities Building is located at the Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind & Vision Impaired in Richmond. The center teaches individuals with vision loss strategies and skills to adapt to living without sight, or ways to use partial sight more effectively. The project involved the major renovation of the existing 1970 building, and two small additions. The renovation included a completely new interior, a new roof,
upgraded windows, and new mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. Additionally the renovated facility offers a new central sky-lit atrium that channels light and openness into interior classrooms and offices.


St. Josephs School for the Blind 
Jersey City, New Jersey

Adaptive Re-Use
 14,500 sf
Cost: $3,300,000
Construction Schedule: 20 Months
Completion Date: June 1996

Project Highlights:
Providing both long and short term care to deaf & blind students, this 17 bed facility meets all standards of the Department of Health as an I-2 Use Group. All Bedrooms, even singles, are sized and approved for double beds and can be easily converted back and forth. The architecture and interior design services coordinating details such as the valance heights and shape to minimize things that can be grabbed in a moment of rage; even
the radiators are built-in under the windows to reduce the amount of projections in the room. Many of the students of this facility have multiple handicaps or emotional adjustment concerns.