Denville Public Library
Denville, New Jersey

Interior Alterations
 10,200 sf Renovated Space 
Cost: $933,000
Change Orders: -0.7% (non-elective)
Construction Schedule: 12 Months
Completion Date: September 2009

Project Highlights:
The renovated Denville Public Library is an interior re-design success.  Once a vanilla box with no real differentiation, the same square footage now is a spacious and organized facility that gives patrons seating choices, views, collaboration areas, and technology.   Known for its lake resort history, DKA captured the sophisticated feeling of a teak and mahogany yacht cabin in their new design. 


Plainfield Children's Library
Plainfield, New Jersey

Interior Renovation
 5,000 sf Renovated Space  
Cost: $500,000
Change Orders: 1.8% (non-elective)
Construction Schedule: 14 Months
Completion Date: January 2006

Project Highlights:
The existing Children’s Library had low lay-in ceilings and out-dated furniture.  It was one big room with a story pit as its only feature.  DKA reinvented the room as a rainforest theme featuring a rope bridge entrance that crosses the old story pit (now modified as a sunken pond with rim seating)  A real explorer’s tent serves as the teen room and cargo boxes form the circulation desk.  Exposed pipes painted various shades of green and layered soffits add an overhead “vine canopy”.